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History Initiative

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Who knew? Grist and saw mills on Fall Creek, horse- and wagon-trail toll houses in the early 1800s... A multi-millionaire's magnificent estate, complete with stables and a horse racetrack in the early 1900s... Historically notable neighborhoods in one of Indianapolis' first suburbs, including one on the National Registry, and another designed by a famous female architect in the '60s... All this and much more are part of Millersville's unique and charming past.


Initiative goals



  • Document, share and celebrate our remarkable history




  • Millersville Treasures booklet ~ With help from IUPUI (teachers and students who researched and wrote, plus funding for printing), we published a guide to historical and natural treasures in Millersville.




Future plans


  • We're brainstorming options for additional activities.

Our "Millersville Treasures" book and tour were made possible by a generous IMAGINE grant awarded to us by the Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center.

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