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Our campaign committee volunteers plan to:


  • Build pride in our community by spreading the word about Millersville at Fall Creek Valley, Inc.'s amazing accomplishments to date.


  • Ask neighborhoods, residents, schools, churches, businesses, city government, realtors and people just passing through to help us Keep Millersville Beautiful!


  • Organize periodic volunteer trash clean-ups in the Millersville village center.


  • Place Millersville "Please don't litter" stickers in business windows, on Greeenway trash cans, on fast food bags, and more.


  • Get help from city councillors to leverage resources for clean-ups along Binford Boulevard and other spots where we need help.

Keep Millersville Beautiful!

We have accomplished so many great things in the last few years to help keep Millersville a great place to live and visit! But one constant negative in our community through the years has been trash. In spite of some tireless volunteers picking it up as much as possible, it's just not enough. We're launching a new campaign to "change the game" and urge everybody who lives in, visits or just passes through to help us Keep Millersville Beautiful!

  • Don't litter. Ever.


  • Pick up after your pet. Yes, every time.


  • Never put loose trash in your garbage can. Put everything in bags sealed tight and close the lid on your can. If you don't, trash spills out and blows around. (Excludes recyclables; they should be loose, but close the lid!)


  • Stash a box of bags and some gloves by the door. Grab 'em on your way out to walk or bike, and pick up some litter while you're out in your neighborhood, along Fall Creek Trail or in the village center. Just do it!


  • Join in on future organized group clean-ups. Watch for details in the e-newsletter.


  • Tell business managers if you see trash, and let them know it's important to you that they keep their property clean and encourage their customers not to litter.



  • Volunteer to join our litter campaign team, or volunteer for something else that interests you.

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Trash is a problem.

Be part of the solution!

"Fighting dirty"

in the village-

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