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Key partners include the Binford Redevelopment and Growth (BRAG) association, City-County Councilor Christine Scales, State Representative Carey Hamilton, our Mayor’s Neighborhood Advocates, the Indianapolis Office of Sustainability, Department of Public Works, Department of Business and Neighborhood Services (Code Enforcement), and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful. We are so grateful for their support!


We have communicated goals and plans to

residents, neighborhood organizations, schools, churches, businesses and city government

through this website, our e-newsletter and social media, window stickers, meetings and handouts.


Big, big thanks to Councillor Christine Scales, in partnership with the Duvall Center, for Duvall

work-release crews now providing regular litter cleanups along Binford Boulevard in Millersville!


Keep Millersville Beautiful!

A small group of die-hard volunteers have been picking up trash in this community for years, but just can't keep up. Help!


Millersville litter-picker-uppers have taken things to the next level. We developed a focused anti-litter “Keep Millersville Beautiful” campaign plan designed to generate greater support—and have partnered with movers and shakers and groups who can help leverage community, City and State resources and programs.

  • Don't litter. Ever.


  • Pick up after your pet. Yes, every time.


  • Never put loose trash in your garbage can. Put everything in bags sealed tight and close the lid on your can. If you don't, trash spills out and blows around. (Excludes recyclables; they should be loose, but close the lid!)


  • Stash a box of bags and some gloves by the door. Grab 'em on your way out to walk or bike, and pick up some litter while you're out in your neighborhood, along Fall Creek Trail or in the village center. Just do it!


  • Join in on future organized group clean-ups. Watch for details in the e-newsletter.


  • Tell business managers if you see trash, and and tell them it's important to you that they keep their property clean. We love these guys!!



  • Volunteer to join our litter campaign team, or volunteer for something else that interests you.

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Trash is a problem.

Be part of the solution!

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THANK YOU to all who volunteered

at our 2018 Millersville Great Indy Cleanup!


Thank you, Duvall Center!