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Village Business Initiative

We know that a healthy business community is integral to the success of any great neighborhood. In the heart of Millersville village, you'll find a thriving business district offering residents and visitors a surprising array of services, shops and restaurants.


Initiative goals


  • Unite businesses in our community and facilitate cooperative work toward common goals


  • Encourage neighborhood support of our businesses


  • Brand Millersville as a "go-to" place for shopping and recreation


  • Help ensure Millersville includes "necessity" businesses so we don't have to leave our neighborhood, and family-centered venues so we have options for meetings, gatherings and recreation close to home


Proposed activities


  • Develop a Millersville Business Crime Watch


  • Meet quarterly to discuss business and new initiatives


  • Develop Millersville marketing tools


Get connected and get involved!


Contact: Tom Eggers

Ph: 317-545-8203

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Walmart Neighborhood Market

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