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Public Hearing on

Walgreens Property Commitments

Public hearing for owner pursuing new lease to

Dollar Tree

Weds., March 7, 2018  |  Meeting starts at 1 p.m.

2nd Floor Public Assembly Room

Indianapolis City-County Bldg., 200 E. Washington St., downtown


Millersville at Fall Creek Valley, Inc. is opposed and will speak at this hearing.

For us to make a difference, we need a huge turnout of concerned neighbors there to show support!


Please come to the hearing.

- We need YOU there! -


The owner of the former Walgreens property has requested a public hearing before the Indianapolis Metropolitan Development Commission to allow for a new lease with Dollar Tree. This would involve dropping all constraints on hours of operation and C-3 uses on the site, and Millersville at Fall Creek Valley, Inc., does not agree that is the best use of this gateway property.


Why are we opposed?

We advocate for protection of property use commitments. This is especially important since the Walgreens site is at a highly visible intersection that serves as a gateway into the Millersville business community. It's in a key spot that will have significant impact on the perceived character and quality of Millersville to all of Indy, and visitors to our community. The owner wants no constraints on hours of operation and C-3 uses. We want use that complements our Millersville at Fall Creek Valley Village and Corridor Plan. We want use that adds value to our community (which already hosts a Dollar General store, two blocks away). And we hope for noncommercial or "quiet" commercial use of this property since it's in a "buffer zone" directly bordering residential properties.


For Millersville to have an impact on this petition, it will be extremely important to have a huge turnout at the hearing. Please come to show your support! 


This is the second time the owner has petitioned for modifications to existing property use commitments. At the first public hearing, in 2016, Millersville at Fall Creek Valley, Inc., objected to the petition to lift the 1993 commitments without assurance that future development and use will be consistent with the guidelines of our 2012 village plan. The ruling at that time was in our favor. But the owner appealed the decision and, after several continuances, has filed a second petition.


Note: There are sometimes late-breaking schedule changes for public hearings,

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