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A petition to allow Dollar Tree to lease the former Walgreens property

was defeated, 6 to 1, at a Metropolitan Development Commission public hearing in March.

However, the property owner is appealing this ruling.

Watch this site and our e-news for updates as they become available.

Public Hearing on

Walgreens Property Commitments


We won! But..

The owner is appealing the ruling.


Many thanks to:


Millersville presenters

  • Sallie Rowland

  • Matt Benson

  • Cac Diehr

  • Melinda Hall


Everyone who came downtown for the hearing to stand and show support


Everyone who wrote a letter of support, including many of our village businesses


Everyone who signed our petition


YOU pitched in and it made a difference. Thank you!

Post-it-note-transparent1-293x300 copy

Very special thanks to

these disinguished supporters

who spoke on our behalf:




These women are Millersville

super-supporters and

we are so grateful for their help!

Pending appeal | What's next?

We advocated for protection of property use commitments so that we will have input on the type of tenant. This is especially important since the Walgreens site is at a highly visible intersection that serves as a gateway into the Millersville business community. It's in a key spot that will have significant impact on the perceived character of Millersville to all of Indianapolis and visitors to our community.


We hope to work with the owner to find a tenant that will be a great fit for Millersville. We have spoken with Cathedral High School, Community Hospital and a few others. If you have contacts, connections or leads on other potentially great tenants, let us know. Send us a note!


We want a property use that...

  • Complements our Millersville at Fall Creek Valley Village and Corridor Plan

  • Is noncommercial or "quiet" commercial, since the site is in an area designated a "buffer zone" directly bordering residential properties

  • Helps enhance our image as an attractive, quality neighborhood

  • Adds value to our community


Why did we oppose Dollar Tree?

The petition supporting Dollar Tree would have removed constraints on hours of operation and C-3 uses on the site. We are targeting a good-neighbor tenant with quiet operations as well as a quiet, attractive and well-maintained exterior, in sync with a residential "buffer zone." And, we already have a Dollar General just two blocks away.

  • City Councillor Christine Scales

  • Indiana Senator Jean Breaux

Want to watch a replay of the hearing? Click here. (FF to 15:00.)