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Former Walgreens Property:

Dollar Tree Update

With strong community support, we have actively opposed

a new Dollar Tree store moving into our former Walgreens property and

the Indianapolis Metropolitan Development Commission (MDC) supported our efforts last year with a ruling that blocked it. A successful appeal by the

property owner led to work proceeding on a Dollar Tree store, now open, but a second appeal, with the MDC seeking to stop it again, is currently pending.

Here's a recap of key developments related to this case:


  • First we won ... March 2018: A petition to allow Dollar Tree to lease the former Walgreens property was defeated, 6-1, at a public hearing of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Development Commission (MDC).

  • Then we lost ... October 2018: After the property owner appealed the MDC's ruling, a review in Marion Superior Court resulted in a judge vacating the March ruling.

  • But the fight continues ... November 2018: The MDC filed an appeal of the October ruling with the Indiana Court of Appeals. This case is still pending.

  • Work starts on a new Dollar Tree ... December 2018: In spite of the pending appeal to block it, the property owner proceeds to move Dollar Tree in.

  • We reach out to the City again ... Since December 2018 and ongoing: We contacted multiple City departments - Business & Neighborhood Services (BNS), City Planning, Legal - to try to halt construction but were told that no injunction was possible; the City did grant permits for improvements to the building and Dollar Tree store signs.

  • The store opens ... February 2019: We report to BNS but are told all hands are still tied pending the legal outcome of the current appeal. We have also provided input to the City's attorney in charge of the case. (City-County Councillor Christine Scales is helping us on multiple fronts and we are very grateful for her continued help.)

  • We're monitoring this case. Whether the MDC's appeal will have an impact on Dollar Tree, we don't know, but we'll keep you informed. Be sure to read the latest update from our President, and send her a note if you're willing to have your name included on a potential list of supporters.

A Dollar Tree has moved in,

in spite of a legal challenge still in progress.



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