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The oldest relic in Millersville is a boulder that is 2.2 to 2.4 billion years old and it contains rock fragments that are another 100 million years older than that. That's a little older than even the Millersville buildings that antedate the Civil War!


What's more, that boulder tells the story of one of Earth's early mountain-building episodes, the planet's first worldwide glacial period and, also, its most recent Ice Age, the famous Pleistocene.


The boulder is on Fall Creek Parkway, North Drive, just west of Emerson Way. It sits in a cluster with three other boulders that might actually be older. But the one that interests us most has great big chunks of pink, white and gray granite (with a few black speckles) in a much finer greenish gray rock.


A rock that has big pebbles mixed in a finer grained material is called a conglomerate, and this conglomerate is truly special. It is a tillite, a rock that was produced by glacial activity. In fact, this one records two glacial events, separated by more than two billion years of Earth history.


Excerpt from

"Millersville Treasures” booklet



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glacial stones

Millersville's Oldest Relic


This stone is often referred to as a

“pudding stone,” because it is formed with

many different rocks.

Ancient glacial stones along

Millersville's Fall Creek Trail,

just west of the Emerson Way bridge.