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Public Hearing on

Walgreens Property Commitments

George Novogroder, owner of the vacant Walgreens building in Millersville, is asking for modifications to the commitments for the property. Millersville at Fall Creek Valley, Inc., (MFCV) representatives asked for a continuance and have been working with his attorney and City Planning. We believe some changes are reasonable but we are concerned with the negative possibilities of others. This is a highly visible property, located at a major intersection in our village. Allowing late hours and usage by low-end stores would attract crime and trash and not reflect the image of our neighborhood that we have all worked so hard to create.


City Planning told members of the Millersville Board that letters of support and a large number of neighbors in attendance at the hearing would help to ensure that these proposed modifications do no damage to our village. The hearing is scheduled for June 9th, 2016, at 1 p.m. in the City-County Building (Public Assembly Room).


A definite proposal for the building's future use has not been provided by the owner, though a Goodwill was mentioned as a possibility. The site is at a prime gateway to the Millersville business community, so its next use also needs to complement the village and be consistent with the guidelines of our 2012 Millersville at Fall Creek Valley Village and Corridor Plan.  A meeting with Mr. Novogroder's attorney has been requested to discuss incorporating specific exclusions to the broad uses that would otherwise be allowed on this property with the termination of the Walgreens-Drugstore-only commitment, as well as the need for hours’ limitation and appropriate signage.


We're counting on a big crowd from the Millersville community!

Prior to the hearing, please write a letter with your input, addressing it to "To whom it may concern," and e-mail it to Cac Diehr, MFCV president, at: [email protected].


You may also just respond with "I agree" if you support MFCV efforts to not allow modifications of the commitments on the Walgreens building which would allow usage detrimental to the neighborhood, attract crime and litter, or not comply with the Millersville at Fall Creek Valley Village and Corridor Plan.


Thanks in advance for your help!



How should the former Walgreens property be used?

1.  Write a letter with your input prior to the June 9th hearing.

2.  Attend the hearing if you can; a large turnout will help show support for Millersville!

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